Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye Everyone :)

this is gonna be tough. hmm
okay here it goes, by the end of this week. i wont be able to attend school anymore.
I'll be leaving Malaysia to pursue my desire.
I'm not going to reveal my destination until I'm fully ready to do so~
so for all SMK Dato' Onn students , i'm sorry if i've did something wrong.
and for all my friends in facebook, ym, skype, myspace, bbm and etc.
I'll be seeing you guys in about several months from now :)
so do take care while I'm gone. insyaAllah I'll be back soon~
Sorry to say. There's no way for you to keep in contact but sure guys,
I'll try my best to go online :)

and one more thing , when I'm back , I hope everyone will accept the new me :)
for bad or for worst. A new light will be shining inside.
Do pray for my health along my journey.

with love , farzana aida zulrailan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2013 :)

uwww please come fast! I cant wait to take my ass off from Dato' Onn.
not that i hate my school, it is just getting boring thereeeee -,-"
and athirah is 100% confirm going to move after pmr , same goes to yasmin.
so whats the point of staying right? pffttt.
even my father asked me to move , woowww he finally agreed with me :O haha

my conversation with my father about transferring school when like this.
"Abah, I wanna transfer school after PMR"
"GOOD to know that! Where did you planned to go?"
"If I score flying colours in my pmr, and receive ANY offer. I'm gonna take it no matter how far the school is"
"Even if it was a boarding school? SBP? MRSM? Sekolah Sains? Integrasi?"
"Yeahh abah! IF there is still chance for me to enter those schools since i had deny my last offer to SMS Mad Jiwa"
"Then , if not. What is your next choice?"
"I wanted to go to Dalat abah. Dalat International School"
[a loooooooooong pause]
"HAHAHHA, international school? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?"
"No abah , i'm serious. I'm eager about that school"
"Ohh :| So , you chose to be an international student?"
"Yes abah. Thats my desire."
"Okay then. Its your choice. Buuuttttt... "
"There's but kaaa abah?"
"You're gonna have to stay aboard."
"well duhhh -,-" obviously i would. Dalat is at tanjung bungah. what do u expect?"
"It is settle then. Make sure the fee is not that expensive!"
"Okay abah. thanks abah!"

hahahaha , it seems easy right? neehhh , my mother was not backing me.
she was afraid I'll change to a mat saleh celup hahah.
No worries mama! i'm a proud malaysian who attempts to studies like overseas! haha
Now , I have 3 school choices. Dalat, Upland and Tenby.
I'm gonna visit all of the above by next year to survey which one is the best.
and make a wise decision! ceeyy , more like - choose the cheapest one! haha
and yes , Dear God , Pleasseee , i wanna studies at an international school :)
Do grad my wish. AMIN ! :D