Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye Everyone :)

this is gonna be tough. hmm
okay here it goes, by the end of this week. i wont be able to attend school anymore.
I'll be leaving Malaysia to pursue my desire.
I'm not going to reveal my destination until I'm fully ready to do so~
so for all SMK Dato' Onn students , i'm sorry if i've did something wrong.
and for all my friends in facebook, ym, skype, myspace, bbm and etc.
I'll be seeing you guys in about several months from now :)
so do take care while I'm gone. insyaAllah I'll be back soon~
Sorry to say. There's no way for you to keep in contact but sure guys,
I'll try my best to go online :)

and one more thing , when I'm back , I hope everyone will accept the new me :)
for bad or for worst. A new light will be shining inside.
Do pray for my health along my journey.

with love , farzana aida zulrailan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2013 :)

uwww please come fast! I cant wait to take my ass off from Dato' Onn.
not that i hate my school, it is just getting boring thereeeee -,-"
and athirah is 100% confirm going to move after pmr , same goes to yasmin.
so whats the point of staying right? pffttt.
even my father asked me to move , woowww he finally agreed with me :O haha

my conversation with my father about transferring school when like this.
"Abah, I wanna transfer school after PMR"
"GOOD to know that! Where did you planned to go?"
"If I score flying colours in my pmr, and receive ANY offer. I'm gonna take it no matter how far the school is"
"Even if it was a boarding school? SBP? MRSM? Sekolah Sains? Integrasi?"
"Yeahh abah! IF there is still chance for me to enter those schools since i had deny my last offer to SMS Mad Jiwa"
"Then , if not. What is your next choice?"
"I wanted to go to Dalat abah. Dalat International School"
[a loooooooooong pause]
"HAHAHHA, international school? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?"
"No abah , i'm serious. I'm eager about that school"
"Ohh :| So , you chose to be an international student?"
"Yes abah. Thats my desire."
"Okay then. Its your choice. Buuuttttt... "
"There's but kaaa abah?"
"You're gonna have to stay aboard."
"well duhhh -,-" obviously i would. Dalat is at tanjung bungah. what do u expect?"
"It is settle then. Make sure the fee is not that expensive!"
"Okay abah. thanks abah!"

hahahaha , it seems easy right? neehhh , my mother was not backing me.
she was afraid I'll change to a mat saleh celup hahah.
No worries mama! i'm a proud malaysian who attempts to studies like overseas! haha
Now , I have 3 school choices. Dalat, Upland and Tenby.
I'm gonna visit all of the above by next year to survey which one is the best.
and make a wise decision! ceeyy , more like - choose the cheapest one! haha
and yes , Dear God , Pleasseee , i wanna studies at an international school :)
Do grad my wish. AMIN ! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


zzz , chill la mate. that's not my number -,-"
i'm begging anyone , if you know whose the owner of this number. do tell :)
fb me or ym me. anything.
he/she was like sending me stupid text messages which i dont even understand.
kept calling but then when i pick up , he/she hang up on me.


these are some of the texts. its in bahasa kampung bajet macam rempit -,-"
if so, tell me your name , where are you from and etc.
obviously , you should get some friggin life and stop stalking others.
sorry asshole , i do what i have to do :) again here's the numb.

0146262729 . with love. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE LAAA NIGGER !!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

copycats :)

to all copycats out there, yes this post are specifically made for you :)
don't be proud , YOU DESERVE IT ! -,-"
i'm not that cool , clever or etc. i am who i am.
i create my own initial and my own trends. i speak english and i'm not proud of it.
basically , i live my life well and totally being down with all my success.

okay , here's the whole story. i'm a quotes maker. i loveee to create random quotes.
well , most of it were not random. zzz ahh the point is.
STOP COPYING THEM ! create on your own la, besides mine was not that cool. zzz
and the way i type and took pictures -,-" was that even necessary?
i'm not being 'perasan seorang diri' , but hey face it.
EVERYONE REALIZE ! tired of getting comments from certain people saying ;
"eh kenapa gambar %&^()* sama dengan yours eh? cara dia typa semua??"
DAMN! fine! arrogant as i look , i dont care okay. thanks for copying bitches!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


okay, here's the thing.
heard of omegle before? ??
that website which allow you to talk to strangers around the world.
yahh , i love that stuff. crapping with people via CHAT.
well my mood was extremely crazy today, [thanks to yasmin rose zzz] haha
so i'm taking risk and did a video convo. OMG!
first round was okay , then after dc-ing. the second convo was LAME!
that boy was doing something ..... i wasn't sure cuz i'm too afraid to scroll down.
but seriously, he is 'melencap' in the other word, playing with his dick. darn!
haha, still i never back down. keep doing new convo . zzzzzzz

then BOOOM ! i got two , ahha. first tak menjadi jugekkk -,-
second quite okay , then . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
semua gila ^%&^*)(_)*&) ! gahhhh* haha
so no more omegle for me. if there's someone beside me , then it would be okay! yeahh!

Monday, September 6, 2010

geeessh-ing monday :))

6/9/2010 , it was the best day ever! well better than staying home and doing nothing.
haha , sleeping did not count as doing stuff okay! geeesshh -,-
haha , te'ah thanks for planning everything, and najwa, thanks for coming :)
i had fun , we had fun. haha , i re-do my hair at maxstyle. they are great!
look how my turn out to be

cool aite? hahaha , lol well it cost me a lot and it took them about an hour -- haha

plan - watch step up or grown up or etc. but then all tickets are available at night.
pissed of -,- but yeeaa , several hours more. apa mau bikin huh?
haha , we managed to cover every thing up and have some lunatic fun!
finally its time for bukak puasa, we had reserved a spot at kenny rogers.
haha, everyone was shocked when the bill came out to be almost 100 ringgit. haha
its kenny rogers kan? soo , just deal with it xD haha , then. sempat lagi weyyy.
my drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mcflurrreeehhhh :-* uwwwwww~

yeaaahhhh , haha :)) soo here are some shots , we took about 100+ photos. haha
okay , thats all. cant wait to hang around next time :DD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

dreamo gayboy ♥

OMG , geeeshhhhhhh , i'm having that lambert fever again :O
i was reading the newspaper , then - LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA.
weyy what the freaking mother goat hell shit ! haha , my boyfriend is comingggg~
i'm trying to reach my cousin at KL , but she ain't available for now --"
aduhhhh , merajuk ka haa ? haha , haritu i cant make it to mtv world stage with her.
i know , rugi kan ? mom wont allowed me -- geesshh

whatever happen , i will always love this gay :)) haha lol ,
as if he knew me -- lol , he is is is is jusssttt tooo
pretaayyyy cuttaayyy gaaayyy and all those word with ayy ayy at the back :D haha
okay , bye ~

Monday, August 30, 2010


yehh yehh , i know it sounded over exciting , haha
lol , tanggal tiga puluh satuu bulan lapannnn kawin lagi satuu --"
i got that lyrics since i was in standard 4 XD haha ,
what a lonngggg time ago , hmm , memories.
no aida no !! takmau sedih , we have to be happy !
eso merdeka , bebas dri jajahan british ! yahh yahh !
nehhhh -- , *emotionless , merdekaless* weeee~ haha
just kidding , i loveeee merdekaa , i lovee malaysiaaa !
tiba2 jadi baik , teringat hritu article dalam paper , najib kata :-
"berhati hati lah ketika kamu blogging , mungkin ada ahli kerajaan yg memerhati"
o.O weeerrghhh , that is sooo freaky , hahah .

what a useless post huhh , haha , i'm just too boring , lol okay bye :P

Saturday, August 28, 2010

twinnie freaky twin

haha , for those who dont know who the heck is my TFT ,
its yasmin rose , she's like the most adorable girl i had ever knew.

[that's her]

haha , i owe her big time !! reallyyyy , no lies :O haha ,
she lend me her apple acc , she teach me how to use ipod and all ,
how thoughtful is that! huhhh ! hahah , :DD
that shows , she trrruuuussttt me , wuuu :DD
an apple acc consist of super personal info okay ,
as in credit card number and blaa blaa blaa , ohmygod ! thank youu soo much~
ehh ehh , one more thing , she's my menantu ,
haha , hanif iskandar , take good care of my TFT , or i'll kick ur ass.
jangan lupa , mummy wants grandchildren !!!! wuu , haha lol , haha :DD
i cant wait to meet you yas, haha :DD may God bless you always darlaaa~

Friday, August 27, 2010

14th birthday :DD

haha , yayy ! ii'm officially 14 now , wuu.
old enough to kick ur 13 butts <3 hahah , yehhh!
thanks for all the wish , either via text messages or facebook.
all of them means a lot ! yehh , this is like the first birthday ,
i received more than a hundred maybe two hundreds wishes ,
you guys are the best :-* :-* :-* what a history --"

haha , soo i managed to pint screen a few wishes , it is randomly picked.
haha , no offence okay :DD

thank you so much guys ! may God bless you , and have a splendid day ok!

Monday, August 23, 2010


this three musketeers , they are mine mine mine! wuuu XD
haha , lol. i just cant imagine my life without them , aww <3
i love yiieeewwwwwww , euwww =,= lol ,
why am i being so jiwang at this hour? haha , *ada ada jehh sebabnya*

first nur athirah , nonetheless , she's my mystery bestfriend ,
more to my 'cakuey' , we're always together , u cant separate us ,
its like trying to separate soul with body , wuu . awesome rite? haha
sometimes she scares me , she knows how to tell ghost stories well XD wooaaa :O haha
i wonder how my life without you , wuu wuu . darn it , i cant xD
ur just too important for me , haha lol

second danish aiman , well , he's err err , emotionless. haha
JK , he's like my bestest boy friend ever , ok seriously , i mean that literally.
BOY - FRIEND , as in a friend who is a boy XD lol , haha .
he's just extremely exciting to hang around with , u wont stop laughing. haha
howeveeerrr , he's heart are soooo soft , especially when it comes to love.
oooaaa , mommy little boy had grown up ^_^ huu :DD haha
and and not forgetting , he will always be there for me at any grief's hour.

lastly , yasmin bt abdul latif , haha sorry babe. i had to backspace again ,
keep forgetting that S in ur name , yamin ? haha , darn it o.O . wuu
i know i know , last year was a hard year for us , at the end of the year. haha
what a harsh memory -,- thank god everything is over <3 iloveyou always min , wuu
haha , without ur nose , i would be lonely , oopss , i mean without you! haha lol
although sometime u annoy me with your "OH YEKE" , but then.
that's the coolest part about you , that what makes u special. well , maybe after ur nose
haha , JOKE , serious min , i was joking , haha nahh. i wasn't , haha lol XD

haha , okeh okehhh , gtg. just letting u know , i love having u by my side ,
thanks guys , pendek , capang , panjang , geroi :-* :-* :-*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mcflurreeehhhhh :D

hahaha , i know i know. its getting annoying ,
replacing most of the 'Y' with 'EHHHH' , haha. it is just funnehhh (see)
haha , crazzehhh , mcflurreehh , honneehhh :DD
addicted to it =,= lol , haha weird.

and and , yeehhhhhh , after breaking my fast ,
awayyy to mcdonald :)) yepp yepp , buying mcflurrehh.
getting sick , reading most of fb status about mcflurry .
ohh come onnnnn :(( haha. athirah would be damn mad if she find out.
haha , sorry babeeehhh [again] , cant resist my drug , tk larat nak tunggu hang.
haha :DD okehh okehh [and again and again] haha , gotta gooo ,

Monday, August 16, 2010

what a crazzeeyyy day for us huhh , :D

haha , well me , athirah , danish and of course yasmin.
are obvioouusslllyyy a group of lunatic people.
at school just now , i was like jumping all over the place.
laughing and screaming the word peanut butter , both at the same time.
haha , and athirah was crying , yasmin was annoyed
and mat denn , errr . 'emotionless hunnehhh' , haha :D

everything was pn hazaima fault for giving us that math exercises.
[coordinates , dont u know how much i haaatteee that topic??] hurghhh =.=
haha , well. all of us gathered at my and tirah's table ,
first question till 15 , calm downnn aida. move on
20 till 30 , ok that's it !! CANT TAKE THIS SHITTY COORDINATES ANYMORE !
then athirah started doing loci , ohh cool . haha YA RITEE !!
then min and den open up their sejarah book and start asking athrah questions.
oh my god guys , comee onn. i've studied math for 3 periods non stop ,
now ur studying sejarah in front of me? WTF mannn !! haha.

soo , okay. then we start talking and crapping . end of lesson =,=
teacher was mad , haha . sorryy laa. i hate coordinates , just face it. haha
then , our fave subjct was up next. ICTL , wuhh love it <3
haha , thought of going online my fb , then internet was not working. damn ,
soo again , all of us gathered and talk. first , we were playing with mic.
karaoke-ing , screaming most of the time , and interviewing........
[ so called , pramugara la mat den . and athirah , ur the coolest dj baby ] haha
then we got bored , start to talk about our love life.
suddenly , everyone was tearing apart =,= goshh , then ala and her gengg bukk lagu jiwang.
dude , saddddd :(( everyone open up their deepest 'love story' ,
what they had regret and hope did not happen. well , i almost cried. :'(
[addition - sandran hati , bila ak sudah tiada as the background songs] haha
then went back to class , stalking cikgu ^%&*^(*& watching porn =,=
oh maii maii maii , he's old like soo old , as in kerepot thap max.
but still , watching porno pictures , darnn it. dont ur wife have all that?
then i cant stop thinking of him , looking at those pictures. euwww :O
*gonna throw up , wait i'm fasting. damnnnn*
haha , ok. there's alot more , but until here.
i know u'll get bored of reading , haha lol. soo whatever , thanks :))

the end :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Facebook Error , (please read)

ok , i'm having a hugeeee problem with my google chrome.
i cant log in my facebook, well i can log in
but there will only be the Facebook header and BLANK !!
i can read all the notifications and stuff.
elsewhere, my profile, home, wall, photos. suddenly semua mcm invi -,-
tadi pon, buat muka kesian kat mama , pinjam her pc for a while.
but then, it felt diff -,- i need to used my laptop to go online my fb.
pleaseeeeee respond by tomorrow :((((( so vigorous teammates ,
sorry that i cant upload our performance video. i've tried time on kat pc mama.
tapi videom format tk support. mcm F kannn ? gahhhh , later eahh?

see , what the hell man! what am i suppose to do with all those blank spot??
buat sketches ? lukis muka pig ? :O arghhhh. ok2. calm down farzanaaa aidaaaa -,-
just turn off ur laptop , and let it rest. maybe its tired.
(sounded weird bila guna ITS+adverbs) hahaha ,
my head are spinning , tadi blajaq circle tahap mega , ni fb pulokk.
haihh , life are toooooo complicated ~~~~~~~~

Monday, July 26, 2010

eating eating eating!

durian :O durian :O durian :O
ohh , sedapnya kau wahai durian~ ahaha
late in the evening , mom's worker (kak shida) serve me
with TWO slices of durian. well , i kept eating and eating and eating.
till i cant stop ;O it is too delicious~
cukup manis dan cukup lemak lahh bak kata org~

at night, abah brought us to McD (drivethru)
i cant resist from othering a set of GCB.
ohh gosh, that new burger are just too delicate~
and not forgetting , my drug - McFlurry Oreo :D
gahh , i ate everythng by myself -,-
angah tried to share my burger , but piapppp .
i slap his hand :P aahah , but as usual.
i took a bite of his French Fries. tk sempat nk makn his double cheese burger.
i was answering my nature call while he was eating his burger.
damn him! erghh, i'll gain a few pounds if i kept eating like this -,-

ahh whatever laa. janji ak bahagiaa :D yayyy~~
(not forgetting, i ate a heavy meal with rice in the aftrnoon)
cheese people :D:D:D:D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

canteen day ;D

first of all , our choral speaking - P.E.R.F.E.C.T. !!
no mistakes~ yayyyy ;)

second , price giving ceremony , second place in my class ;)
at last, i beat Nina. hahahah! aiming to beat ainul later~
* errr , dont think i can * hahaha.

and lastly our gerai earn A LOT pf profit ;))
wuhhuu , saving all the money for trip to tambun and the end of this year~
ohh yeahhh~ thanks everyone for their support ,
2 Alphians , teachers , customers and Akram (abg imran)
u guys had been a wonderful helpers~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hell of baking and -,-

arghhhhh!! just finished DECORATING 300 cupcakes!
like good heaven sake , tension tahap gila bangangggg*
my hands are shaking rapidly , and its hard for me to catch my breath now~
urghhh , damn tired laa piggiiissshhhhh !!!!
and yahh finally all the orders are completed ;D

ehh , btw. there's a freaking mad girl.
talking bad about me , bla3. like i even wanna care.
heyy stupid , u're doing the same thing either.
bitch , u and all ur sisters are evenly MAD WHORE!
thank you for ur *tomfool* idiotic manners ,
i appreciated it SOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH :)

ohh embarrassing ;(

at school just now, we perform our chorl speaking
in front of the whole school. as in all those
'penerima anugerah' ! erghhhh*

evryone was "nervous like cookieHELL" .
and everything seem going good, till one of us.
frgt her line , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
people are looking as in we never practise ;(
embarrassing !!!! i'll kill myself later -,-

but despite all the mistakes , we've tried our best.
wishing it will be awesome on the real day *please God*

ohh btw , bitchy ass athirah and long yasmin is at my house now.
( they're naked in front of me now while i'm composing my post )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

choral speakers~

it took us about 4 days to practse our chral spekng ,
*rewind* , FOUR FREAKIN DAYS! hahaha~
and the result, i can see uber COOL perfomnce.
even Puan SAW & Pn Nurul love it~
i'm quite proud of that~ *smiling smpai telinga*

tomrw will be our first stage perfmnce with the new script.
wish us luck , *we're be needing a lot* hahah~
i din even memorse all my line , ahh pfftttt -,-

and not forgetting, selera ria is on this weekend.
we're baking 200++ cupcakes tomrw after school ,
arrghhhhhh* LAZY LAZY LAZY ;p
all the orders and delivery will be done on friday.
on the same day for preparation of selera ria.
why is life are just sooooooo busy?
and real chral speakng is on strday , soo.
there will surely be last time prctise on friday kan??
sooooo , order delivery , slra ria preparation and chrl spekng?

irritating -,-

for the record, i'm tired of registering new acc for blogger.
this is somehow my third blog and *hopefully* the last one.
hahha , sorry for the inconvenience, i'm not really good at this.

ok peeps , i'll try my best to stay updated here.
pray for my laziness to fade away, awww like in PUFFFFF ;))