Monday, August 16, 2010

what a crazzeeyyy day for us huhh , :D

haha , well me , athirah , danish and of course yasmin.
are obvioouusslllyyy a group of lunatic people.
at school just now , i was like jumping all over the place.
laughing and screaming the word peanut butter , both at the same time.
haha , and athirah was crying , yasmin was annoyed
and mat denn , errr . 'emotionless hunnehhh' , haha :D

everything was pn hazaima fault for giving us that math exercises.
[coordinates , dont u know how much i haaatteee that topic??] hurghhh =.=
haha , well. all of us gathered at my and tirah's table ,
first question till 15 , calm downnn aida. move on
20 till 30 , ok that's it !! CANT TAKE THIS SHITTY COORDINATES ANYMORE !
then athirah started doing loci , ohh cool . haha YA RITEE !!
then min and den open up their sejarah book and start asking athrah questions.
oh my god guys , comee onn. i've studied math for 3 periods non stop ,
now ur studying sejarah in front of me? WTF mannn !! haha.

soo , okay. then we start talking and crapping . end of lesson =,=
teacher was mad , haha . sorryy laa. i hate coordinates , just face it. haha
then , our fave subjct was up next. ICTL , wuhh love it <3
haha , thought of going online my fb , then internet was not working. damn ,
soo again , all of us gathered and talk. first , we were playing with mic.
karaoke-ing , screaming most of the time , and interviewing........
[ so called , pramugara la mat den . and athirah , ur the coolest dj baby ] haha
then we got bored , start to talk about our love life.
suddenly , everyone was tearing apart =,= goshh , then ala and her gengg bukk lagu jiwang.
dude , saddddd :(( everyone open up their deepest 'love story' ,
what they had regret and hope did not happen. well , i almost cried. :'(
[addition - sandran hati , bila ak sudah tiada as the background songs] haha
then went back to class , stalking cikgu ^%&*^(*& watching porn =,=
oh maii maii maii , he's old like soo old , as in kerepot thap max.
but still , watching porno pictures , darnn it. dont ur wife have all that?
then i cant stop thinking of him , looking at those pictures. euwww :O
*gonna throw up , wait i'm fasting. damnnnn*
haha , ok. there's alot more , but until here.
i know u'll get bored of reading , haha lol. soo whatever , thanks :))

the end :D

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