Monday, August 23, 2010


this three musketeers , they are mine mine mine! wuuu XD
haha , lol. i just cant imagine my life without them , aww <3
i love yiieeewwwwwww , euwww =,= lol ,
why am i being so jiwang at this hour? haha , *ada ada jehh sebabnya*

first nur athirah , nonetheless , she's my mystery bestfriend ,
more to my 'cakuey' , we're always together , u cant separate us ,
its like trying to separate soul with body , wuu . awesome rite? haha
sometimes she scares me , she knows how to tell ghost stories well XD wooaaa :O haha
i wonder how my life without you , wuu wuu . darn it , i cant xD
ur just too important for me , haha lol

second danish aiman , well , he's err err , emotionless. haha
JK , he's like my bestest boy friend ever , ok seriously , i mean that literally.
BOY - FRIEND , as in a friend who is a boy XD lol , haha .
he's just extremely exciting to hang around with , u wont stop laughing. haha
howeveeerrr , he's heart are soooo soft , especially when it comes to love.
oooaaa , mommy little boy had grown up ^_^ huu :DD haha
and and not forgetting , he will always be there for me at any grief's hour.

lastly , yasmin bt abdul latif , haha sorry babe. i had to backspace again ,
keep forgetting that S in ur name , yamin ? haha , darn it o.O . wuu
i know i know , last year was a hard year for us , at the end of the year. haha
what a harsh memory -,- thank god everything is over <3 iloveyou always min , wuu
haha , without ur nose , i would be lonely , oopss , i mean without you! haha lol
although sometime u annoy me with your "OH YEKE" , but then.
that's the coolest part about you , that what makes u special. well , maybe after ur nose
haha , JOKE , serious min , i was joking , haha nahh. i wasn't , haha lol XD

haha , okeh okehhh , gtg. just letting u know , i love having u by my side ,
thanks guys , pendek , capang , panjang , geroi :-* :-* :-*

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