Monday, July 26, 2010

eating eating eating!

durian :O durian :O durian :O
ohh , sedapnya kau wahai durian~ ahaha
late in the evening , mom's worker (kak shida) serve me
with TWO slices of durian. well , i kept eating and eating and eating.
till i cant stop ;O it is too delicious~
cukup manis dan cukup lemak lahh bak kata org~

at night, abah brought us to McD (drivethru)
i cant resist from othering a set of GCB.
ohh gosh, that new burger are just too delicate~
and not forgetting , my drug - McFlurry Oreo :D
gahh , i ate everythng by myself -,-
angah tried to share my burger , but piapppp .
i slap his hand :P aahah , but as usual.
i took a bite of his French Fries. tk sempat nk makn his double cheese burger.
i was answering my nature call while he was eating his burger.
damn him! erghh, i'll gain a few pounds if i kept eating like this -,-

ahh whatever laa. janji ak bahagiaa :D yayyy~~
(not forgetting, i ate a heavy meal with rice in the aftrnoon)
cheese people :D:D:D:D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

canteen day ;D

first of all , our choral speaking - P.E.R.F.E.C.T. !!
no mistakes~ yayyyy ;)

second , price giving ceremony , second place in my class ;)
at last, i beat Nina. hahahah! aiming to beat ainul later~
* errr , dont think i can * hahaha.

and lastly our gerai earn A LOT pf profit ;))
wuhhuu , saving all the money for trip to tambun and the end of this year~
ohh yeahhh~ thanks everyone for their support ,
2 Alphians , teachers , customers and Akram (abg imran)
u guys had been a wonderful helpers~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hell of baking and -,-

arghhhhh!! just finished DECORATING 300 cupcakes!
like good heaven sake , tension tahap gila bangangggg*
my hands are shaking rapidly , and its hard for me to catch my breath now~
urghhh , damn tired laa piggiiissshhhhh !!!!
and yahh finally all the orders are completed ;D

ehh , btw. there's a freaking mad girl.
talking bad about me , bla3. like i even wanna care.
heyy stupid , u're doing the same thing either.
bitch , u and all ur sisters are evenly MAD WHORE!
thank you for ur *tomfool* idiotic manners ,
i appreciated it SOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH :)

ohh embarrassing ;(

at school just now, we perform our chorl speaking
in front of the whole school. as in all those
'penerima anugerah' ! erghhhh*

evryone was "nervous like cookieHELL" .
and everything seem going good, till one of us.
frgt her line , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
people are looking as in we never practise ;(
embarrassing !!!! i'll kill myself later -,-

but despite all the mistakes , we've tried our best.
wishing it will be awesome on the real day *please God*

ohh btw , bitchy ass athirah and long yasmin is at my house now.
( they're naked in front of me now while i'm composing my post )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

choral speakers~

it took us about 4 days to practse our chral spekng ,
*rewind* , FOUR FREAKIN DAYS! hahaha~
and the result, i can see uber COOL perfomnce.
even Puan SAW & Pn Nurul love it~
i'm quite proud of that~ *smiling smpai telinga*

tomrw will be our first stage perfmnce with the new script.
wish us luck , *we're be needing a lot* hahah~
i din even memorse all my line , ahh pfftttt -,-

and not forgetting, selera ria is on this weekend.
we're baking 200++ cupcakes tomrw after school ,
arrghhhhhh* LAZY LAZY LAZY ;p
all the orders and delivery will be done on friday.
on the same day for preparation of selera ria.
why is life are just sooooooo busy?
and real chral speakng is on strday , soo.
there will surely be last time prctise on friday kan??
sooooo , order delivery , slra ria preparation and chrl spekng?

irritating -,-

for the record, i'm tired of registering new acc for blogger.
this is somehow my third blog and *hopefully* the last one.
hahha , sorry for the inconvenience, i'm not really good at this.

ok peeps , i'll try my best to stay updated here.
pray for my laziness to fade away, awww like in PUFFFFF ;))