Wednesday, July 21, 2010

choral speakers~

it took us about 4 days to practse our chral spekng ,
*rewind* , FOUR FREAKIN DAYS! hahaha~
and the result, i can see uber COOL perfomnce.
even Puan SAW & Pn Nurul love it~
i'm quite proud of that~ *smiling smpai telinga*

tomrw will be our first stage perfmnce with the new script.
wish us luck , *we're be needing a lot* hahah~
i din even memorse all my line , ahh pfftttt -,-

and not forgetting, selera ria is on this weekend.
we're baking 200++ cupcakes tomrw after school ,
arrghhhhhh* LAZY LAZY LAZY ;p
all the orders and delivery will be done on friday.
on the same day for preparation of selera ria.
why is life are just sooooooo busy?
and real chral speakng is on strday , soo.
there will surely be last time prctise on friday kan??
sooooo , order delivery , slra ria preparation and chrl spekng?

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