Monday, July 26, 2010

eating eating eating!

durian :O durian :O durian :O
ohh , sedapnya kau wahai durian~ ahaha
late in the evening , mom's worker (kak shida) serve me
with TWO slices of durian. well , i kept eating and eating and eating.
till i cant stop ;O it is too delicious~
cukup manis dan cukup lemak lahh bak kata org~

at night, abah brought us to McD (drivethru)
i cant resist from othering a set of GCB.
ohh gosh, that new burger are just too delicate~
and not forgetting , my drug - McFlurry Oreo :D
gahh , i ate everythng by myself -,-
angah tried to share my burger , but piapppp .
i slap his hand :P aahah , but as usual.
i took a bite of his French Fries. tk sempat nk makn his double cheese burger.
i was answering my nature call while he was eating his burger.
damn him! erghh, i'll gain a few pounds if i kept eating like this -,-

ahh whatever laa. janji ak bahagiaa :D yayyy~~
(not forgetting, i ate a heavy meal with rice in the aftrnoon)
cheese people :D:D:D:D