Friday, August 6, 2010

Facebook Error , (please read)

ok , i'm having a hugeeee problem with my google chrome.
i cant log in my facebook, well i can log in
but there will only be the Facebook header and BLANK !!
i can read all the notifications and stuff.
elsewhere, my profile, home, wall, photos. suddenly semua mcm invi -,-
tadi pon, buat muka kesian kat mama , pinjam her pc for a while.
but then, it felt diff -,- i need to used my laptop to go online my fb.
pleaseeeeee respond by tomorrow :((((( so vigorous teammates ,
sorry that i cant upload our performance video. i've tried time on kat pc mama.
tapi videom format tk support. mcm F kannn ? gahhhh , later eahh?

see , what the hell man! what am i suppose to do with all those blank spot??
buat sketches ? lukis muka pig ? :O arghhhh. ok2. calm down farzanaaa aidaaaa -,-
just turn off ur laptop , and let it rest. maybe its tired.
(sounded weird bila guna ITS+adverbs) hahaha ,
my head are spinning , tadi blajaq circle tahap mega , ni fb pulokk.
haihh , life are toooooo complicated ~~~~~~~~

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