Saturday, August 28, 2010

twinnie freaky twin

haha , for those who dont know who the heck is my TFT ,
its yasmin rose , she's like the most adorable girl i had ever knew.

[that's her]

haha , i owe her big time !! reallyyyy , no lies :O haha ,
she lend me her apple acc , she teach me how to use ipod and all ,
how thoughtful is that! huhhh ! hahah , :DD
that shows , she trrruuuussttt me , wuuu :DD
an apple acc consist of super personal info okay ,
as in credit card number and blaa blaa blaa , ohmygod ! thank youu soo much~
ehh ehh , one more thing , she's my menantu ,
haha , hanif iskandar , take good care of my TFT , or i'll kick ur ass.
jangan lupa , mummy wants grandchildren !!!! wuu , haha lol , haha :DD
i cant wait to meet you yas, haha :DD may God bless you always darlaaa~

1 comment:

  1. awww, saya terharu . hehe . God bless you too twinnie