Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mcflurreeehhhhh :D

hahaha , i know i know. its getting annoying ,
replacing most of the 'Y' with 'EHHHH' , haha. it is just funnehhh (see)
haha , crazzehhh , mcflurreehh , honneehhh :DD
addicted to it =,= lol , haha weird.

and and , yeehhhhhh , after breaking my fast ,
awayyy to mcdonald :)) yepp yepp , buying mcflurrehh.
getting sick , reading most of fb status about mcflurry .
ohh come onnnnn :(( haha. athirah would be damn mad if she find out.
haha , sorry babeeehhh [again] , cant resist my drug , tk larat nak tunggu hang.
haha :DD okehh okehh [and again and again] haha , gotta gooo ,