Wednesday, September 22, 2010


zzz , chill la mate. that's not my number -,-"
i'm begging anyone , if you know whose the owner of this number. do tell :)
fb me or ym me. anything.
he/she was like sending me stupid text messages which i dont even understand.
kept calling but then when i pick up , he/she hang up on me.


these are some of the texts. its in bahasa kampung bajet macam rempit -,-"
if so, tell me your name , where are you from and etc.
obviously , you should get some friggin life and stop stalking others.
sorry asshole , i do what i have to do :) again here's the numb.

0146262729 . with love. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE LAAA NIGGER !!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

copycats :)

to all copycats out there, yes this post are specifically made for you :)
don't be proud , YOU DESERVE IT ! -,-"
i'm not that cool , clever or etc. i am who i am.
i create my own initial and my own trends. i speak english and i'm not proud of it.
basically , i live my life well and totally being down with all my success.

okay , here's the whole story. i'm a quotes maker. i loveee to create random quotes.
well , most of it were not random. zzz ahh the point is.
STOP COPYING THEM ! create on your own la, besides mine was not that cool. zzz
and the way i type and took pictures -,-" was that even necessary?
i'm not being 'perasan seorang diri' , but hey face it.
EVERYONE REALIZE ! tired of getting comments from certain people saying ;
"eh kenapa gambar %&^()* sama dengan yours eh? cara dia typa semua??"
DAMN! fine! arrogant as i look , i dont care okay. thanks for copying bitches!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


okay, here's the thing.
heard of omegle before? ??
that website which allow you to talk to strangers around the world.
yahh , i love that stuff. crapping with people via CHAT.
well my mood was extremely crazy today, [thanks to yasmin rose zzz] haha
so i'm taking risk and did a video convo. OMG!
first round was okay , then after dc-ing. the second convo was LAME!
that boy was doing something ..... i wasn't sure cuz i'm too afraid to scroll down.
but seriously, he is 'melencap' in the other word, playing with his dick. darn!
haha, still i never back down. keep doing new convo . zzzzzzz

then BOOOM ! i got two , ahha. first tak menjadi jugekkk -,-
second quite okay , then . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
semua gila ^%&^*)(_)*&) ! gahhhh* haha
so no more omegle for me. if there's someone beside me , then it would be okay! yeahh!

Monday, September 6, 2010

geeessh-ing monday :))

6/9/2010 , it was the best day ever! well better than staying home and doing nothing.
haha , sleeping did not count as doing stuff okay! geeesshh -,-
haha , te'ah thanks for planning everything, and najwa, thanks for coming :)
i had fun , we had fun. haha , i re-do my hair at maxstyle. they are great!
look how my turn out to be

cool aite? hahaha , lol well it cost me a lot and it took them about an hour -- haha

plan - watch step up or grown up or etc. but then all tickets are available at night.
pissed of -,- but yeeaa , several hours more. apa mau bikin huh?
haha , we managed to cover every thing up and have some lunatic fun!
finally its time for bukak puasa, we had reserved a spot at kenny rogers.
haha, everyone was shocked when the bill came out to be almost 100 ringgit. haha
its kenny rogers kan? soo , just deal with it xD haha , then. sempat lagi weyyy.
my drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mcflurrreeehhhh :-* uwwwwww~

yeaaahhhh , haha :)) soo here are some shots , we took about 100+ photos. haha
okay , thats all. cant wait to hang around next time :DD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

dreamo gayboy ♥

OMG , geeeshhhhhhh , i'm having that lambert fever again :O
i was reading the newspaper , then - LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA.
weyy what the freaking mother goat hell shit ! haha , my boyfriend is comingggg~
i'm trying to reach my cousin at KL , but she ain't available for now --"
aduhhhh , merajuk ka haa ? haha , haritu i cant make it to mtv world stage with her.
i know , rugi kan ? mom wont allowed me -- geesshh

whatever happen , i will always love this gay :)) haha lol ,
as if he knew me -- lol , he is is is is jusssttt tooo
pretaayyyy cuttaayyy gaaayyy and all those word with ayy ayy at the back :D haha
okay , bye ~