Tuesday, September 21, 2010

copycats :)

to all copycats out there, yes this post are specifically made for you :)
don't be proud , YOU DESERVE IT ! -,-"
i'm not that cool , clever or etc. i am who i am.
i create my own initial and my own trends. i speak english and i'm not proud of it.
basically , i live my life well and totally being down with all my success.

okay , here's the whole story. i'm a quotes maker. i loveee to create random quotes.
well , most of it were not random. zzz ahh the point is.
STOP COPYING THEM ! create on your own la, besides mine was not that cool. zzz
and the way i type and took pictures -,-" was that even necessary?
i'm not being 'perasan seorang diri' , but hey face it.
EVERYONE REALIZE ! tired of getting comments from certain people saying ;
"eh kenapa gambar %&^()* sama dengan yours eh? cara dia typa semua??"
DAMN! fine! arrogant as i look , i dont care okay. thanks for copying bitches!

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