Monday, September 6, 2010

geeessh-ing monday :))

6/9/2010 , it was the best day ever! well better than staying home and doing nothing.
haha , sleeping did not count as doing stuff okay! geeesshh -,-
haha , te'ah thanks for planning everything, and najwa, thanks for coming :)
i had fun , we had fun. haha , i re-do my hair at maxstyle. they are great!
look how my turn out to be

cool aite? hahaha , lol well it cost me a lot and it took them about an hour -- haha

plan - watch step up or grown up or etc. but then all tickets are available at night.
pissed of -,- but yeeaa , several hours more. apa mau bikin huh?
haha , we managed to cover every thing up and have some lunatic fun!
finally its time for bukak puasa, we had reserved a spot at kenny rogers.
haha, everyone was shocked when the bill came out to be almost 100 ringgit. haha
its kenny rogers kan? soo , just deal with it xD haha , then. sempat lagi weyyy.
my drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mcflurrreeehhhh :-* uwwwwww~

yeaaahhhh , haha :)) soo here are some shots , we took about 100+ photos. haha
okay , thats all. cant wait to hang around next time :DD

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