Wednesday, September 8, 2010


okay, here's the thing.
heard of omegle before? ??
that website which allow you to talk to strangers around the world.
yahh , i love that stuff. crapping with people via CHAT.
well my mood was extremely crazy today, [thanks to yasmin rose zzz] haha
so i'm taking risk and did a video convo. OMG!
first round was okay , then after dc-ing. the second convo was LAME!
that boy was doing something ..... i wasn't sure cuz i'm too afraid to scroll down.
but seriously, he is 'melencap' in the other word, playing with his dick. darn!
haha, still i never back down. keep doing new convo . zzzzzzz

then BOOOM ! i got two , ahha. first tak menjadi jugekkk -,-
second quite okay , then . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
semua gila ^%&^*)(_)*&) ! gahhhh* haha
so no more omegle for me. if there's someone beside me , then it would be okay! yeahh!

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