Saturday, September 4, 2010

dreamo gayboy ♥

OMG , geeeshhhhhhh , i'm having that lambert fever again :O
i was reading the newspaper , then - LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA.
weyy what the freaking mother goat hell shit ! haha , my boyfriend is comingggg~
i'm trying to reach my cousin at KL , but she ain't available for now --"
aduhhhh , merajuk ka haa ? haha , haritu i cant make it to mtv world stage with her.
i know , rugi kan ? mom wont allowed me -- geesshh

whatever happen , i will always love this gay :)) haha lol ,
as if he knew me -- lol , he is is is is jusssttt tooo
pretaayyyy cuttaayyy gaaayyy and all those word with ayy ayy at the back :D haha
okay , bye ~

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