Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye Everyone :)

this is gonna be tough. hmm
okay here it goes, by the end of this week. i wont be able to attend school anymore.
I'll be leaving Malaysia to pursue my desire.
I'm not going to reveal my destination until I'm fully ready to do so~
so for all SMK Dato' Onn students , i'm sorry if i've did something wrong.
and for all my friends in facebook, ym, skype, myspace, bbm and etc.
I'll be seeing you guys in about several months from now :)
so do take care while I'm gone. insyaAllah I'll be back soon~
Sorry to say. There's no way for you to keep in contact but sure guys,
I'll try my best to go online :)

and one more thing , when I'm back , I hope everyone will accept the new me :)
for bad or for worst. A new light will be shining inside.
Do pray for my health along my journey.

with love , farzana aida zulrailan

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