Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hahaha woooo this blog is annncienttt!
Sorry that i neglected you blog, mommyyy tak bermaksud pun :(
Hahaha duhhh blog wont understand what the crap am i talking about.
Soo move on, :D haha

Yeahhhh, its 2011! Okay, its 23rd of January 2011.
I'm 23 days late to wish happy new year! But still counted aite?
Macam lah semua dah ada mood 2011 kan? :p wekkkk
Still loving 2010 like hell much, dayuumnn i miss 2010 :|
Y'knowww, being 14 and having that freedom at school and home.
Now i'm fifteen, i repeat. FIFFFFTEEENNNN, LIMA BELAS TAHUN!
Soo that puts me as an official Poops Maniac Revolution also known as Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah :D
Sorry Menteri Pelajaran (i dont know your name), it was just a sarcastic joke ;)

And school had totally changed since last year. The teachers are getting garang-er :o
Ceiitt, rimau tengok pun ter pee pee -,-" Cikguu cikguu, haihhh
Homeworks?! Hahahaha don't even mention about it!
It makes gunung everest looks sooo small! Ohh tension :|
Ahhh enough about school, it creeps me!

Okay laaa, I got nothing to say here. My PLBS is not completed yet.
Hehehe, since last week :O hahaha and the presentaion will be on this week.
WTF hahaha! As usual, last minute works -,-" Dad will kill me if he read this!
Nahhhhh, he dont know that i own a blog. HO YEAHHH,
*tu banyak bad words kat sini rather than in facebook* :DD

GTG! byeeeeeeeeeee~

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