Saturday, April 2, 2011

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

Yedayedayeda -_______________-" Hehhh
Okay I'm doing a review on this movie which I've just watched tadi.
Hahaha kali ni takdak tips ka facts ka apa ka macam dulu punya post ye.
Takkan all the time nak buat yang tu kot? Pecah la akal aku nak berpikiaq.

BOO YAHHHH! Yeah movie ni lah, World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles.
We cant afford to lose los angelesssssssssssssss!! -.-"
Justin Bieber ada kat situ jonas bro miley cyrus selene gomez whatsoeveridontcare!
Hahaha for the record, this movie is quite okay. Jalan cerita a bit simple though.
Cerita pasai aliens yang mai nak attack bumi for water. Since our earth contains 70% of h2o, so they're gonna invade us :O
Fyi, water is their fuel. Yeah nature friendly punya alien. (Y)
They had lost san diego and all the west-coast cities. Tinggal laaa los angeles.
So AS Marin were send to fight. Beribu yang pi berperang, but i dont want to tell you berapa ja yang tinggai at the end. Tak thrill lahhhhhh macam tu :p
MARIN NEVER QUIT. And indeed yes, they never quits. Saving surveillance lifes. blablabla. I hate reviews -,- hahaha

Aku punya pendapat, this movie is fun adventurous thrilling touching and FUNNY.
Okay weird kan? Lawak ka cerita perang ni? Hahaha yeah for me it is funny.
I laughed at some scenes. Well I was the only one who was laughing. Hehhh
What to do, aku memang suka gelak tengok orang berperang hahahha. Stupid me -,-

So kesimpulannya, I'd recommend you guys to go and watch this movie. My opinion, tengok yang 3D punya. Aku tengok yang 2D ja, soo agak boring and tak rasa impact KEBABOM DUSH PENG dia. :\
But over all, my rating would be 8/10 :D Category A MUST WATCH MOVIE.
And remember, RETREAT HELL! ;) Byee y'all

p/s : Kepada orang yang suka buat bising dalam wayang, yang tiba tiba cakap HANTUUUU time aliens are invading. Would you mind showing off some manners please? Cinema tu bukan bapak hang punya okay. Pffftt lain kali if you want to watch any movies, whether you staple your mouth or buy a dvd. Kayy? -,-

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