Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm sorry.

I know that you're disappointed. I know that you're down.
I don't think sorry is enough. So, I wrote a poem for you.

The moment I hear bird chirping and cricket singing.
Your face play in my mind.
You surrounds me with love and honour.
You hold me tight and you never let me go.
I love you so much. More than anything in my life.
And I try so hard to prove it, for you to see it.
How much you being in my life means to me.
I am sorry for the pain I've caused.
I am sorry that I've hurt your feelings.
These are the last thing I ever wanted to do.
To know that you're sad and down.
All because of me.
But I hope you still know that I love you.
And I still cherish your presence in my life.
Like nothing else in my life can make me smile.
I'll cook for you to cheer you up.
But no cheap seafood cuz I know you dont like it.
I'll sing for you the National Anthem of USA.
Cuz I know you adore that song.
I'll learn to play Black Ops and Fiesta Online.
So I can prove to you that I can beat you in games.
I'd do anything and everything.
So I hope that you understand and see it with your heart.
My apology to you that comes with tears.
Sincerely from deep inside here, my soul.

*I tak pandai buat poem sangat, but I know you like sweet sayings. So this is for you. I'm sorry my love. I really am.